Cruise Ship Excursions

We take you down to the island’s world heritage site , the twin peaks or Pitons for viewing, there you can enjoy an amazing site of both of theses peaks and have a breathtaking Kodak moment. After which we take you to a beautiful black sand beach next to the Pitons called Anse Chastenet.

You can swim, snorkel, relax. Whatever you decide to do at the beach. However this is the beach where our snorkel is most likely exquisite. There is a marine reserve area buoyed out just for the purpose of snorkeling. It’s almost as if you are swimming in a fish tank. You see it all from corals, reef, turtles, fishes , a variety of marine life.

After the beach time we provide you complimentary drinks being (sodas, water , rum punch & o local rum and coke). On the way back up on that western coastline, we provide you with a tour of our island, giving you history or the fishes villages, a few resorts and just the general western coast. While there you would also see the lovely Marigot Bay, which is rated #2 for the most scenic bay in the Caribbean & also where a few famous movies were filmed. ( Dr Doolittle’s , The Blue Lagoon, part of Pirates of the Caribbean). The final site is at the Love Arch or Love Tunnel as the locals called it where a very important part in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. The entire tour is usually about 5 hours.

Tour Highlights

  • Dolphin Watching
  • Drinks
  • Fishing/Cooking and cleaning ( on request )

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Cruise Ship Excursions